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We bring you the EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered. 

Schools can choose specific regions and sectors to focus on, while candidates can target their energy and time into their specific areas of interest 

Our platform creates a more efficient environment, with higher levels of attendance and an improved job hunting experience. 

At Highered, our vision is to build a world where every student and alum can grow their talent and have equal access to information and opportunities on the journey to fulfilling their dreams.


Talent from these schools are attended

Key Features & Benefits


  Time and cost savings

The Highered Virtual Career Fair series translates into a significant time and cost savings for your Career Services department. By leveraging the power of the EFMD Global Network’s solution, you can offer your talent 30 Virtual Career Fairs targeting six major sectors around the world, without having to involve your staff in the organisation and management, all for a minimal administrative fee associated with your school’s EFMD membership.

   Turnkey solution

Highered organises the Virtual Career Fairs on behalf of the EFMD member schools. The Highered team will cover the full organisation and promotion of the virtual fairs, including strategy and implementation of social media, email and media campaigns.

   Enhanced employer and school branding

Your institution is more than welcome to extend an invitation to your Corporate Partners to secure a booth at a Highered Virtual Career Fair, allowing them to strengthen their employer branding globally. At the same time, the participation of your institution in the Highered Virtual Career Fair series will provide increased visibility of your school’s talent amongst the world’s top global recruiters.

   Greater employer connections

Whether crossing borders or searching for a local opportunity, virtual career fairs allow your talent to find what they are looking for. With a larger pool of global employers, you can help your talent to identify and connect with the best companies and organisations in line with their career aspirations.

   Reliable metrics and analytics

Track performance, report to key stakeholders on job fair activities and analyze accurate data in real-time. With reports and graphs to show you attendance rates and candidate participation, you can make the Highered Virtual Career Fair series work for your Career Service department’s goals.


  Equal opportunities for your talent

Virtual career fairs prove to be more targeted than traditional career fairs, as recruiters now have the ability to pre-qualify registrants through easy information exchange of CV and qualification information prior to the event, as well as target candidates that may contribute to their Diversity & Inclusion goals.

  Easy access from anywhere in the world

Regardless of the type of device your talent prefers, the technology powering the Highered Virtual Career Fair has them covered. The virtual career fair software has been created with all devices in mind. From tablets and smartphones to desktops, your students and alumni will have ease of access for the ultimate candidate experience.

  Virtual vs. Physical

Attendance at physical job fairs is rapidly declining. The flexibility of a virtual job fair contributes to an increase in student participation given the flexibility, allowing students plenty of time to attend to their academic responsibilities and job search.

  Personal technical support on a global scale

The Highered Virtual Career Fair service includes representatives across all time zones to assist your talent with any help desk support required.

Attend a webinar to learn more 

As a Career Services professional or representative of an institution, we invite you to checkout the webinar video and the presentation to learn more about how your institution can participate and additional information about the EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered.

Completed Fairs

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    24 March 2020


    28 April 2020


    30 April 2020

FMCG / Retail / Luxury


  5 May 2020


7 May 2020

Banking / Finance / Consulting


 12 May 2020


  14 May 2020

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