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   Global Job Board

This is exactly what we were after, it is very impressive in terms of details.

International Careers/Employer Relations

We have continued to receive good feedback on this tool and will make sure our new students are aware of your great platform.

-International Corporate Relations Manager

Thank you very much for reaching out to us. Thank you too for the information to use to market the EFMD portal to our students. Your timing is perfect as the new academic year began this week!.

Graduate & Alumni Careers,

“As a company and corporate client, we need to have a more personal approach. There are so many companies out there and if we thinkg that just advertising a position on a platform will secure all our hires. I think that would be a naive way to think about it. We try to be present and try to engage with students as much as we can. This is one of the reasons why we joined.”- Recruting Associate

“It has been a great platform for our students and a great opportunity for us to increase awareness about the jobs outside of the United States for both our domestic students as well as our international students” –

Highered has simplified the process of finding international job opportunities for students. The platform has made their search journey a lot easier and faster.” –

Thank you so much for your email. Just want to say thanks for creating this platform. This is what I am looking for! So many exciting careers globally!“-

Here are the specific positives:

  1. Simple interface makes it easy to use
  2. Descriptions of the company’s/positions/news are highly informative and helpful
  3. The font-size is big and clear; and the tabs are clearly separated into positions, companies, and news” –

If it was not MSB, I would have never had this amazing opportunity to do my six-month internship in Amsterdam within the Technical Accounting & Oversight department. It will offer me a head start for my career and I will remain forever grateful to what MSB made out of me. A student whose academic profile meets the international standards of hiring” –

Highered really listened to what our specific needs were and delivered much more targeted results than competitors. As a result, our entire team will now consider them first as a promotional partner for student events.“-

Company, technology sector


“AMSIB aims to have Highered Talent Panel as the primary solution for our current students and graduates, in terms of vacancies and career tips. It is valuable resource for our students and alumni who are looking for internship, graduate roles and thesis opportunities, providing a crucial link to the labour market.”

Thank you for the information you are sharing on the Highered Platform, it’s very interesting.“-

ESAN University, Alumni Career Services


“Thank you so much for your Linkedin workshop. It was great to have a no-nonsense stream of information. I have been struggling with this aspect for the last four years as I have been looking for a transitional position to a new industry and have had luck. You gave me many insightful action points I can actually use.”-

“Thank you very much for your recommendations, I have already modified the word and will do the word cloud as soon possible. It was very helpful for me. Thank you very much.”

– International student

“I joined one of your online training last year on pitch perfect. Thanks for sharing. I am presently completing my masters program in France and that was good seminar to join.”

– MSc. student

“Thanks for the highly useful webinar earlier today. I look forward to implementing your advice over the coming week.”

– BBA student

“The videos you present are very educational and appreciated. My peers and I love to learn to improve ourselves for employers.”

– BBA student

“I’ve just been watching your Highered-Linkedin New Year makeover and found it really useful. looking forward to connecting and seeiing more great content.”

– Bachelor’s student (Marketing)

Thank you so much for this Masterclass on Linkedin Makeover. After the webinar, I follow all the suggestions and, btw, it was the first time for me to take time to makeover my Linkedin account! Many thanks to Kendall Brown, Amber Wigmore Alvarez, PhD and Garnet Berry for all the useful tips.

– International Business Programs Manager,Faculty of Management.

Thanks for the positive feedback, it was great to be part of this Masterclass and I have to say your professionalism and experience was evident and the whole experience went really well.

– Linkedin Learning


I’m a current student of EADA Business School in Barcelona. I have been following your Masterclass under my Highered platform. All the contents in the Masterclass series are so insightful and I love the way you deliver them! 

Student, EADA Business School


I have attended a masterclass about LinkedIn recently and watched a few recorded videos in Highered’ s website, with University’s details. I found them very interesting and useful and wanted to thank you.

– Talent


Hello, I just watched the Rock Your LinkedIn Profile masterclass, it was really insightful into developing a strong profile.

– Information Manager, Careers and Employability Service


   Career Professionals Development Institute (CPDI)

“Thank you for a well-organized CPDI. The session topics, content, the way of delivery were really impactful. Also, the networking and learning from each other’s experiences were very beneficial. I do hope for the continuation of these events in future. “

– Direct of Career Development Center

“I try to be really selective when it comes to trainings and conferences, as it is not easy to find an impactful one in a nice area like career development (and on top of that, in highere education). I am so happy to be a part of Highered Global’s Professional Development Institute for Career Development professionals in November 2019. I really suggest all related colleagues to follow and participate in future events.”

– Tuna Dagli

“Hi Amber, I am almost back in Milan. What a week! I found the CPDI a very enriching experience both content as relationship wise. Keep up with this initiative and let’s see if I can add soome value after the transformation my team is going through these months. See you soon.”

-Sabyne Moras

“Fantastic time at EFMD Highered-EFMD Shared Career Services Professional Development training this week. Excited to carry on the ideas with a great new network!” — Rachel Tonner

Career Consultant at the Imperial College Business School

   Highered Global Talent Summit 2019

“As a business school with a large Chinese student population ensuring we have the best connections possible in China is a strategic priority for us to help our students embark on a successful career. This summit will be a chance to meet a range of employers and start a conversation with them about how we can work together for their benefit and ours. “

– Ewan Henry, Employer Relations Consultant

“We thank you for organizing such a great Global Talent Summit whihc offered us the opportunity to talk to our peer schools both home and abroad. We have been inspired by their practices and enjoyed the panels and talks by the speakers to share their insights into the trends of recruiting China’s new bright futures. last but not least, we cherishes the opportunties to develop and maintain the relationships with our employer partners, which will directly bring more opportunities to our students.” –

Director Career Development office, School of Management

“Very information event with Panel Discussion. Fishbowl session, sharing from Hair Academy.. at Highered EFMD Global Talent Summit connecting Richemont with universities and MBA schools to strategize on future recruitment initiatives.”

-Talent Sourcing Manager

   Talent Panel

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