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Why Highered Virtual Events?

We understand you 

We understand your struggles and want to take as much of the organizational, administrative and technical work behind creating an event off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on delivering the best services to talent.

Keeps you focus on more important things 

Organizing your institution’s Virtual Fairs and Events with Highered will allow staff to focus on the event itself and on effectively connecting recruiters and talent without the unnecessary “backstage” tasks. We take care of that for you. That way you get to dramatically reduce the administration setup and training time, and instead, prioritize what truly matters.

Integrated in the platform – no third party! 

It’s just a one-click process for your talent to register and attend – the Highered Virtual Events platform is integrated with the school-branded GetHighered platform, making it a quick and easy way for them to connect with recruiters.

You have complete control  

As an institution, you have complete control of setting up the event, inviting your corporate partners, informing the talent and monitoring talent engagement once the fair has begun. You get a unique opportunity to advertise your institution’s talent and an individually tailored chance to connect with recruiters virtually in real time – the event is exclusive to your institution.

Types of Virtual Fairs

Whatever your event needs may be, we can create a virtual space tailored specifically to your institution. The Highered Virtual Events platform offers complete versatility for institutions to host any type of online event.









Benefits for You

School Branded

It’s all about you. Whether it is a single school event or a multi school event, the platform is branded to each unique institution or school involved, providing a trusted virtual space for the participants.

Multi Pavilion

Give talent the possibility to navigate between different pavilions according to their interest. This feature offers the ability to set up multiple pavilions – for example, sector and geography-specific.

Flexible Setup

The virtual event is integrated with your institution’s existing GetHighered platform. It allows both you and the talent to access it quickly and easily. We create an initial setup within 24 hours.

Versatile Event Types

The platform supports a variety of types of virtual fairs and events. It is up to the institution to determine what the event is supposed to be. Whatever your idea may be, Highered technology is able to support it.

Live Analytics

Through our platform, you get access to a Live Analytics dashboard with comprehensive participant engagement data. If you wish, participating recruiters can also obtain such information.

Unlimited Job Posting

Recruiters can choose to post jobs prior, during an event, and after. Following the event, the jobs are automatically transferred to the school-branded GetHighered platform for continued applications.


Offers recruiters the opportunity to schedule and host live webinars throughout the duration of the event. The system can support any technological webinar software that they prefer to use. Talent will have access to view all events taking place and easily add them to their personal calendar. This is a unique opportunity for talent to get the most of your event, expand their knowledge, and connect with recruiters.

Embedded Messages & Video Chat

Talent can connect with recruiters in real time via online messaging chat and video. They can send their CV or personal pitch video to leave an impactful first impression and be invited to a one-to-one video chat with the recruiter.

Live Support & Training Material

We will support you along the way – before, during, and after the event.

How to get started?


Complete a simple form to activate a Private Event. Within 12-48 hours your event will be live.


Invite your corporate partners to participate and inform your talent.


Enjoy the Live Event with access to live analytics.

Join the list of schools we have worked with


“ALBA working with Highered on our virtual career fair was extremely convenient as we had already participated in the Spring and Fall Virtual Career Fair Series, so our students, corporate partners and careers team were familiar with the platform and the entire process. The interface was easy to use and tech support was on call to assist users if any issues arose. We especially liked that it was not a one size fits all platform! Highered customized functionalities and features unique to our career fair and incorporated them in the platform. Finally, we received excellent feedback from our students and recruiters on the availability of tech support and user friendliness.”

– Maria Moragianis

Director of Careers & Alumni at Alba


What is the main difference between an EFMD Global Virtual Fair by Highered and a Private Virtual Career Fair with Highered?

The EFMD Global Virtual Fair by Highered takes place two times a year, for 2021 it is April 19-23 and October 11-15. All EFMD members are invited to register to the fair (490 Euros) and with this registration you have the opportunity to invite all your talent and recruiters to attend the week long virtual fair. Highered alongside with a Career Service professional based Steering Committee, organizes the week long fair. The schools that participate are responsible for communicating to their talent and invite them to login to the schools GetHighered platform to join the virtual event, apply to jobs, visit the booths, speak with recruiters (chat and video) and join any webinars and digital conferences that take place throughout the week. We do also welcome the participating schools to invite any of their corporate members that this would be of value to, it is free for them to set up a booth. Contribution from all the participating schools means more opportunities for all talent. Highered also has a team that actively reaches out to companies to attend.

The Private Virtual Fair is the school utilizing the Highered Virtual Career/Event Platform to host their own event. In this case it is up to the school to organize the participating companies, invite the targeted talent and set up any live digital conferences and/ or company presentations if they wish to incorporate that into the event.

How much does it cost for a company to join your school's private event?

Since private events are organized by the institution, this is up to the Careers department and how they decide to run such events. It is an agreement between the institution and the company.

Who can attend a Private Virtual Event?

Since your institution is organizing the Private Event, you can invite unlimited students, alumni, and recruiters accordingly.

School Corporate Partners. The school can invite all corporate members whether they are EFMD member corporates or not. It is a custom school event, Highered is the technology and support behind the event.

Can our university have multiple Private Fairs going at the same time?

Yes absolutely, you can have multiple Private Events at the same time. How this is exactly organized and run Highered can share with the institution through a demonstration.

Do we have access to a report that outlines attendees?

Yes, we will provide a five page analytics report, where you can see the attendees list. The analytics are viewable and downloadable via your school Talent Panel.

Will you provide employer, students and admin user guides?

Yes we will provide you with a user guide for the employers, login instruction for the students, and career service admin users. 

Is it possible for the university to set up a virtual booth during the Private Event? Do you provide a “How To” guide?

Yes absolutely, you can have your own virtual booth and all the team members can be linked to the same, we will provide a step by step user guide. 

What type of training will the institution get?

Yes, after Highered sets up your Private Event, we will have a call for the training. In total we will have two training sessions with all the team members that are involved from your institution and one technical rehearsal.

Ready to organize your own event?

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