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Let’s make virtual easy!


Your school’s Talentpanel enables you to host customized, boutique events using the same advanced platform which successfully powers the EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered. It is simple, cost-effective and of high quality for your talent and recruiters. 

Experience was very good, greater than expected and we are repeating in February 2021 again”

– Carmen Sebrango

Executive Director of Career Services at CEU San Pablo

ALBA working with Highered on our virtual career fair was extremely convenient as we had already participated in the Spring and Fall Virtual Career Fair Series, so our students, corporate partners and careers team were familiar with the platform and the entire process. The interface was easy to use and tech support was on call to assist users if any issues arose. We especially liked that it was not a one size fits all platform! Highered customized functionalities and features unique to our career fair and incorporated them in the platform. Finally, we received excellent feedback from our students and recruiters on the availability of tech support and user friendliness.”

– Maria Moragianis

Director of Careers & Alumni at Alba




   Easy to use

  • Viewed by talent on their GetHighered platform
  • No sign-up or verification issues for talent
  • Branded under your own institution
  • Wide-array of profile-specific fairs
  • Hosting of unique events such as challenges, pitch competitions, etc.
  • Built-in, live chat functionality for talent to interact with both recruiters and Career Services



  Cost Effective

  • Hosted on your school’s Talentpanel (no third party provider)
  • Reduction of workload for Career Services team
  • Quick set-up by Highered
  • Immediately start inviting recruiters and talent to participate and connect!

   High Quality

  • Ability to make your corporate partners’ opportunities exclusive for your talent
  • Enhanced analytics, including detailed, live participation data
  • Seamless training for corporate partners
  • Increase in attendance, engagement and satisfaction due to ability to pre-upload talent
  • Effective communication
  • Various formats of events, including numerous recruiters from the same organization or multiple companies/organizations at the same time
  • Complete compliance with GDPR


More reasons to “GetHighered”


More Opportunities

Aside from opportunities offered by your corporate partners during the fairs, your talent will also have access to the GetHighered global job board.

Career Assessment

Verified talent will have access to a free online career assessment on the GetHighered platform.

Career Resources

Highered offers a wide array of career journey masterclasses available to GetHighered users.


+130 Schools

More than 130 academic institutions in the EFMD Global Network are utilizing the Highered platform for their Virtual Career Fairs.

EFMD Initiative

Highered is the official Career Services initiative of the largest global education network in the world made up of more than 600 institutions in 91 countries.

Talentpanel Features

Custom event organization is just one feature of your Highered Talentpanel. You can also build your talent database, schedule appointments, and much more.


More than Virtual Fairs

Recruiters participating in the fairs have the ability to continue connecting with talent after the events. Employer profiles and positions remain exclusively visible on your school’s GetHighered platform.

Special Events

Your corporate partners can organize unique events including virtual company/organization presentations, pitch competitions, challenges, case competitions, and more.

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