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All you need to get your students and alumni closer to their dream opportunities and simplify your day to day work.


A comprehensive career solution included in your EFMD Membership!

The Talentpanel functions as the administrative dashboard for all Careers department activities, including hosting of your own virtual events, posting unique positions, reviewing talent analytics, scheduling appointments and events, uploading career resources and much more. The Talentpanel enables institutions to replace old systems or costly third-party solutions.

Designed by your peers

Over 1,000 careers professionals at EFMD’s business schools have fed into this full-service solution. Unlike other job platforms with limited scope, Highered was built by the community, releasing time for those activities you’d love to carry out but struggle to find the time for. We cover masterclasses, career guides, skills’ assessment tests, careers’ events and much more.

The smartest matching technology

Our algorithm learns from students & alumni searches and profiles to suggest job opportunities and career development that gets them closer to their dreams.

AMSIB aims to have Highered Talent Panel as the primary solution for our current students and graduates, in terms of vacancies and career tips. It is valuable resource for our students and alumni who are looking for internship, graduate roles and thesis opportunities, providing a crucial link to the labour market

- AMSIB Amsterdam School of International Business

“Thank you so much for your Linkedin workshop. It was great to have a no-nonsense stream of information. I have been struggling with this aspect for the last four years as I have been looking for a transitional position to a new industry and have had luck. You gave me many insightful action points I can actually use.”

- University of Birmingham

EFMD Virtual Career Fairs Part 2

Whether talent is seeking a graduate program, internship or experienced hire opportunity, EFMD’s sector-specific and geographic-specific Virtual Career Fairs are the response to the global times, resulting in improved recruitment efficiency, higher attendance and a better job hunt experience.

Support your Chinese Talent

Support your Chinese Talent
Your school’s job platform is equipped with an exclusive page where thousands of relevant Chinese internships, graduate and full-time positions to help support your Chinese talent seeking to return back to China.

The official initiative of EFMD
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